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Winter 2017
All classes are at 6:30 p.m.

Tuesday, April 18
Delicious eggs served at our hotel in Merida:
Fray Misión de San Diego Eggs Motuleños, salsas
Margaritas served.    $50

The next two classes reflect our recent trip to the Yucatan peninsula, where we enjoyed cochinita pibil, papadzules and pork panuchos, typical Yucatecan dishes.
Tuesday, May 2
Cochinita Pibil, beans, pickled onions
Margaritas served.        $50

Tuesday, May 16
Papadzules, Pork Panuchos, pickled onions and habanero peppers
Margaritas served.        $50

And from our visit to central Mexico, we had wonderful barbacoa from Las Bugambilias in Texcoco, as well as Mexico City food:  huaraches, quesadillas, tacos campechanos and al pastor.
Tuesday, June 6
Beef Barbacoa (barbecue) from Texcoco
Margaritas served.        $50

Tuesday, June 20
Chicken Huaraches, Quesadillas and Salsa
Margaritas served.        $50

Tuesday, July 11
Tacos Campechanos and Tacos al Pastor
Margaritas served.        $50

Tuesday, July 25
Preparing a variety of six salsas:
Chiltomate                                                        Salsa xnipek
Red guajillo chile pepper salsa                        K'uut de chile habanero
Roasted and chopped salsa                            Salsa verde with cola de raton chile pepper (chile de arbol)
Margaritas served.        $50

To register for a class, e-mail Pedro at pedro@lamargaritasalem.comPayment must be made in advance to reserve a place. La Margarita Co. is located at 545 Ferry St. SE in Salem, 503-362-8861, around the corner from the Elsinore Theater.














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